A proud New Yorker and Eagle Scout, Jessie Earl is a filmmaker based out of Los Angeles.

Jessie mainly works in the digital space, having created videos for numerous companies and brands, including The Advocate, Pride.com, Microsoft, Skybound Entertainment, and many more. Additionally, she runs a popular YouTube channel discussion social and political issues through fandom and geek topics. In 2019, she developed the web series Microsoft Unboxed at Microsoft and won Tello Films “Pitch to Production” Contest for her co-written script Choose. Additionally, she has worked as a video editor on numerous productions, including America’s Funniest Home Videos and The Anti-Social Network. She has also directed several short films, including Solve, an adaptation of play by the same name showcased at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She also does freelance work, including editing for America's Funniest Home Videos and directing plays at the Santa Monica Theater.

Jessie is also a published writer, mainly writing on LGBTQ, transgender and social issues, as well as geek, gaming and pop culture analysis. She has had her writing appear in The Advocate, Pride.com, Out Magazine, Gaynrd, Gammaray, as well as many others. She also co-authored the book Navigating Trans+ and Non-binary Gender Identities, presenting her research and critical analysis of transgender representation in cinema.

Since coming out as transgender, Jessie advocates for LGBTQ and gender issues. With prominent LGBTQ magazines The Advocate and Out, she has produced videos garnering millions of views on transgender and LGBTQ topics aiming to educate the non-queer community. Alongside LGBTQ-focused KLB Research, Jessie has helped created videos disseminating and dissecting the latest developments in queer research. On top of regularly volunteering with the LA LGBT Center’s Leadership Lab, she also produces the Pride.com series NERD OUT, using geek culture to discuss social and political topics.  

Personally, she is also a giant science fiction nerd, having grown up on a steady diet of Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and comic books. She wears this on her sleeve because she believes that not only do those works of science fiction continue to influence her creative endeavors, they also helped shape her morals and belief in the best of humanity. She hopes her work also does the best to always believe in the best that humanity can be, even in the darkest of times.  Her love for her queer family, science-fiction and comedy are the inspiration for all of her work from narrative improv, her popular YouTube channel, and her entire creative work.

View Jessie's full resume here.