Jessie Earl is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California.

Currently, she works full time for Pride Media Inc. as a director, producer, video editor, videographer, writer, and on-screen talent for the world's top LGBT+ brands such as the Pride, Out, Plus as well as The Advocate, the world's oldest and most prominent LGBT news outlet.

She has also directed several short films, including Solve, an adaptation of play by the same name that showcased as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She also does freelance work, including editing for America's Funniest Home Videos and directing plays at the Santa Monica Theater. 

Much of her work at both The Advocate and her personal projects revolve around LGBT and specifically transgender education and representation. She sometimes uses the stage name "Jessie Gender" to highlight the importance of her identity to her work and overall life. As a bisexual transwoman herself, she hopes to continually help and advocate for other trans people through education and positive representations of her community through modern film-making and content creation practices.

Personally, she is also a giant science fiction nerd, having grown up on a steady diet of Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and comic books. She wears this on her sleeve because she believes that not only do those works of science fiction continue to influence her creative endeavors, they also helped shape her morals and belief in the best of humanity. She hopes her work also does the best to always believe in the best that humanity can be, even in the darkest of times.

View Jessie's full resume here.